Simple Advice for Parents With Daughters

As a parent, don’t ever tell her that she is not beautiful enough, make her feel confident in her skin. They already have to fight a little harder with the outside world. Always do and say things that will make your daughter feel wanted. Here are a few things that I gathered from books and interviews on how best to raise your daughters.

Body shaming

You don’t have to body shame her. Never mention to her that she’s too fat or too skinny. This will make her feel bad about herself.

On Periods

It is important to let her know about periods. Parents don’t realize how important this is. It is better to tell your daughter the truth about puberty before she finds it through someone or on the internet. When her period is on and she has to deal with cramps just leave her alone and let her be for a couple of hours.

Alone times

As a parent, giving your child some alone time goes a long way to help them form their own perception and independence. Let her be independent. Believe in her. Let her know you can trust her.

On sex

You need to talk to her about sex and mention to her to always use a condom. Don’t tell her she can’t have guy friends. Because she will end up having them behind your back and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Allow mistakes

You need to love her even when she makes the wrong mistakes. Let her wear whatever she wants unless it is too much revealing. Do not ignore her if she says that she has been misbehaved with, don’t blame her for something which is clearly the other person’s fault.

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