The Time-Money-Time Arbitrage Secret To Building Wealth and Finances

Making money may seem difficult for most people, however, whatever grants you a competitive advantage in the commercial world is worth noting. Capturing the market share can be technical and may seem to be a thing for those in the financial sector. Today’s post will however discuss some assets that are making people rich. This is something we normally do not learn in business school but are worth having knowledge about.


Using your time to make money and then later buying other people’s time is one sure asset a lot of people do not know about, which is why this post is focused on teaching you how it is done.

According to the homepage for luxury and wealthy living,, one asset you can exchange for money is your time, which is an obvious fact.

Term explained

The time-money-time arbitrage simply means using your time to generate money and then using the money to buy other people’s time. Your job is to identify opportunities where you can convert time into money and after sometime, you’ll have enough money to pay other people to work for you. This is a fundamental business lesson.

Value for time

Every single person in any given organization is generating more value than they’re being paid by their company. The difference is what is called profits which is the reward of solving the time-money-time arbitrage problem.

It’s simple, work your time off for money and then use this arbitrage wisely to build a real business for yourself. Now that you know this simple secret, go out there and build some fortune for yourself. Your time is indeed your money.

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