How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Person as a Romantic Partner

“I’m stuck in my relationship. Instead of him building with me, he is always finding a reason to tear me apart. I am not happy in the relationship which I have invested eleven years of my life into. My heart wants to let go but my mind keeps telling me to hang in there for a while,” these were cries of a young lady on the Steve Harvey Show. It can be difficult choosing the right person for yourself but it is not impossible. Keep reading to learn a few tips on dating the right guy or lady.

Move on

When you pick a wrong person in a relationship , there comes a time when you have to unpick them. You don’t always have to stay in a broken relationship especially when you’re unhappy. Choose to go to a place where you can smile and be happy again. Sticking around a negative relationship will only affect you more than it may affect the other person because they may have moved on long ago.

Stop the blame game

Always try to take the blame off yourself and focus on growth and improving your standard of living rather than dwelling on the hate and resentment in your relationship. The wrong person will make you feel like there is something wrong with you while the right people do not operate like that. The right one will make you feel wanted and loved.

Exemplary figures

So many people, especially men, did not have the father figure who could have taught them how to be right by their women. Real men treat women like a queen and the reverse is true. However, since we do not learn it at a younger age, most people grow up not knowing how to love and treat people right. This affects their relationships in the long term.

Stop doing these

Stop dealing with people who do not know all the qualities of building stronger bonds with other people. Spend time with people who are ready to learn even though they are not the best of lovers. Stop wasting your time on the wrong ones. Stop collecting red flags, and remember that if for any reason you choose to leave, you need to walk away with your crown and pride intact.

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