Daily Lessons: Facing Your Fears

Have you ever been in the face of challenging situations and wondered what you could have done in that instance? Well, hopefully today’s article will teach you a thing or two about facing insurmountable challenges. Being in the habit of chickening out on life’s problems will not help you in anyway. And by facing your fears, you put yourself in a position to rule your world at all times against all odds. Let’s delve straight into today’s lesson.


There are huge benefits of meditation with the major benefit being an inner cleansing of your spirit being. It has benefits no matter what your going through. Research shows that meditation also has benefits for your physical health, as it can improve your tolerance for pain. This means that you are able to endure pain even when faced by tough situations. The fear factor is always a pain for most people and so in order to remove fear from your life, constantly practice meditation.


One thing I noticed with exercise is that it boosts your energy level and confidence. This means that regular exercises can totally eradicate the feeling of anxiety which later results in fear of the unknown. To keep being super charged to take on new tasks or face new challenges, keep exercising and stay fit at all times. Your health is your access to a great fear-free lifestyle.

Take up a challenge

For a change, do something that you’ve always being scared of doing. Brain scans before and after showed an increase in connectivity among parts of the brain that control attention for active people who are always seeking out to solve problems. It also helps if you take up new courses to add to your skill set.

Practice difficult tasks

Manage and take on tasks which you hitherto thought was difficult to start or finish. Doing this will guarantee that you are half way through a task which you previously dreaded doing, and that is a trait that only successful people have.

High profile networks

Attend high profile events where there are public figures and the affluent in society in attendance. At the initial stages of attending such events, you’ll be a bit nervous and in a hurry to leave. The positive thing to do however is to hang on in there and attempt to start a conversation with someone. A simple hello and going on to introduce yourself and what you do, can set you up for a nice conversation. Remember not to reveal so much about yourself as it only speaks of how nervous you are. Exchanging contacts will be your best way of signing out of your conversations at any high profile event.

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