Is World Peace and Order Achievable Amid A Pandemic?

The world is not idle although everything seems to be on a stand still due to the global pandemic known as Coronavirus a.k.a. Covid19. We are still in constant motion despite calls from authorities that everyone stay indoors. The world has been in a constant battle not through war but through this deadly disease which has already taken the lives of many. More and more cases of death are being recorded by the break of every dawn. Global development and the world economy is under crisis and there seem to be more questions than answers around the globe. 

Relief Systems

International organisations and Civil Society Organisations around the world are doing their best to curb the spread of the virus and to help many people to survive and recover from the disease. While China is currently free from cases of the global pandemic, the United States, and other parts of Europe are struggling to come to terms with dealing with the situation. The whole world is in uttermost fear and no one seems to know when all this will end. According to Global Times, China’s national Englush language newspaper, Chinese scientists have developed a new weapon to combat the COVID-19. They say they have found a nanomaterial that can absorb and deactivate the virus with 96.5-99.9% efficiency. Question is, how fast can this be sold across the globe to bring an end to the pandemic?

School of thought

Some schools of thought are of the view that the world is transitioning into a new era. Therefore it is taking out some of its species to make room for the new order. The new world order, according to these schools of thought, will do better with a lesser population. Other schools of thought are also purporting that the climate change and world conflicts could only be solved if more people keep off the streets and allow the universe to tidy up itself. Photos circulating on media platforms also indicate that the environment is indeed recovering from all the harm from man made pollution. A recent photo seen of Miami beach for instance showed how clean the sea looks. The streets are also free from air pollution due to less vehicular emissions et al. 

Possible world order?

Everyone has been calling out for world peace but they fail because daily activities of humans make it an impossible task to achieve. Before the pandemic, and before cities went on lockdown, the world and its inhabits were already under stress. Eventhough we decided not to listen, things were in place to shift the existing order and that is why we have all been taken aback by this global pandemic. Although China is alleged to have infused the virus into the system, however, if you ask me, all this was meant to happen; a time for a new world order.

Amidst all this, what the international institutions and authorities are doing help is to keep citizens indoors. We are asked adhere to the saftety and hygienic tips but can all these measures solve the problems we face daily?

The adeverse effects of this pandemic is poverty, unemployment, and death of the active world population. There is therefore the need for a shift in our consciousness from negativity to positivity if we must win this battle. As we await the recovery in our world, we need to visualise the changes that we want to see.

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