Gender Equality and the Future of Women’s Participation in Politics

Women, and I mean highly qualified women, have been at the helm of decision making throughout ages. Before industrialization, women were known to be hunting and gathering food for the household even before the men took over in hunting for meat in the deepest forests.

Women have played vital roles in Ghana’s politics with market women being the focal point for holding political meetings, bringing together electorates for campaigns and elections.

The year 2020, being an election year, we have seen many women participation in politics amid the wave of women inclusion in governance. It seems that the various women conferences and call to action for gender equality is eventually yielding results.

Notable examples

Chief Justice Georgina Woode, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, Ama Beyniwa Doe, Ursula Owusu, Adwoa Safo, Zenator Rawlings, Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang, just to mention but a few. These women have blazed trails in terms of politics in Ghana.

Not to forget the many female student leaders across our campuses and how they significantly change the frontiers of policies around them.

Qualified or not?

The debate on whether or not some women are qualified for the positions they assume is not of a broader concern but how well they deliver their mandate should be the focus of any of such debates. And to think that men’s capabilities are more needed in politics is to think along ancient lines that women are only meant to managing homes.

The world is drastically changing, and therefore the more reason why the SDGs seek to see a larger percentage of gender equality. Africa, and for that matter, the bigger continents must keep applauding competent women who make strides to lead and govern.

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