All You Need To Know About Trending Waakye In A Jar

The concept for Jar served-meals is to fight plastic waste in the environment and the ecosystem, according to Ghanaian based company, Jar-to-go.

Their ready to serve food which has been trending is Waakye from Rockzwaakye by Reggie Rockstone. Jar-to-go works with a number of other products and food delivery companies including the legend musician’s current Waakye business.

Popular publicist and blogger, Ameyaw Debra recently showcased a video on his timeline which tries to explain the bigger concept of ‘Jar-to-go’, a food delivery company which beliefs that food should be well preserved and served ready-to-eat. The company also aims at being Ghana’s first zero-waste meal prep for convenient and freshly served meals-on-the-go.

Their jars are well fitted with lids, which has boldly inscribed on it, “Caution, do not open with fingers, lift lid firmly with cutlery,” informing users how to easily access the contents of the jar.

The jar is also reusable unlike plastic which has to be disposed off and can create pollution in the environment.

Ghanaians have jabbed the company behind the food in the jar concept as many are not conversant with the new idea. Many believe that indigenous meals such as Waakye are best eaten in the traditional leaves or served in a normal plate as is the norm.

Pictures of Jar-to-go meals served with various Ghanaian dishes has therefore received a lot of criticism with many saying that they would prefer the usual style of food packages such as plastic bags or food packs instead of the jars.

Others have however embraced the new introduction and have gone on to order some of the ready-to-eat meal in a jar.

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