Juliet Asante Admonishes Young People

Former actress and CEO of National Film Authority, Juliet Asantewaa Asante has advised the youth to take life easy and not follow after material things.

“I have lived for 46 years on this planet so far this trip. I have worked in my sector for 29 of those years (I started early),” she revealed.

She further advised young people to invest in their mind rather than on material things, and to focus on long term achievements than short term liabilities.

Her admonishing to the youth goes as follows:

“I have a masters, gotten from a very good school… maybe some day when I have space, I will do more. I have done some and have plans to do more.

I don’t have a Range Rover or some sort car… for now, I don’t even have a car. And yet I hear I am a CEO and some other positions.

And yet young people in their 20s in a sector I supervise over… will kill and sell their souls to buy a Range, Benz and whatever!

Yesterday I told a beautiful lady I mentor that 20 years ago, I was with people who thought 20 years ago was it… today nobody even remembers they ever existed.

The journey is long but in the end, the race is only with yourself. Don’t get it twisted.

I hear all this noise around me and it is all about who has the biggest car or something else.”

For her, when she dies it will not be RIP Juliet, your car was so so awesome. For this reason, she advised the youth to set their priorities right.️

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