Charter house CEO, Theresa Ayoade Tips Youth on Career Path

The CEO of Charterhouse, Theresa Ayoade has advised young people, especially women, not to follow shortcuts in career but to follow the process to build expertise. The great event organizer spoke to listeners on the need to be inspired by successful role models like herself and to listen to the advise.

Speaking on YFM Leaderboard series, Ms Ayoade said she associated her career success to her daring step at a younger age where she engaged in radio sales, an introduction to the creative arts industry. She told the youth to learn and understand the hardwork that goes into the industry in which they would like to get to.

According to her, he commitment to where she found herself, moved her up the ranks. For her, these things must always be noted. Firstly, there is no shortcut, with little steps, one will reach their destination. Again, it is important to be patient, take your time and not rush.

For her, one’s journey starts with a little step and will have to take things step by step, where in business or employment.

She narrated on how her father’s loss of his job affected her tertiary education abroad. However, she took a decision to still pursue her goals despite all the challenges she faced.

Ms Ayoade has indeed played her role very effectively and remains one of the female powerhouses in the creative arts and entertainment industry. We wish her well and hope that the youth take a cue from her story and mentorship.

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