Angela Akua Asante is COO of Chamber for Tourism Industry Ghana

Sports journalist and blogger, Angela Akua Asante has been appointed by the Chamber for Tourism Industry Ghana as the Chief Operating Officer. The news which was announced by the Chamber after extensive executive search.

She will be responsible for assisting the CEO in running the Chamber’s projects, communication and social media content, as well as managing partnerships and holding conference meetings for customers and stakeholders of the organization.

Apart from her background in the realms of media, sports, and events which the Ghanaian tourism sector aims to tap into, Angela possesses a network in agribusiness and trade through her affiliation with award-winning export company Organic Trade & Investments.

Angela started as a freelance sports journalist in 2008 and has mostly been the only female journalist on most of her many sports tournaments where she got accreditation to cover top matches.

For her, reading, eating out, and spending time with friends and family are her hobbies. Her guiding principle, she admitted in an interview, is being open to help but never the person to beg for help.

Ms Asante, sharing her challenges so far mentioned that she was sometimes marred by the discrimination because of her gender. However, she said that her gender has also opened more doors for her because people have always said to her, “You are doing so well and we want to promote you and what you do.”

She was part of the journalists who covered 2018 FIFA with accreditation from FIFA. Her bilingual nature makes her eligible to introduce the Chamber to both Anglophone and Francophone partners for business growth. We wish her well in her new role.

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