These Social Media Trends Will Change the Face of Technology in 2020

Social media and the new wave of new technologies is winning the upper hand in the current world. We are by and large sleeping into the age of robotics although we may not physically see any robots in view. Our lives have been indirectly been automated as machines and codes now inform how our existence should be like. An average of millennials and Gen Y are on social media using blogs,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name them. Their day to day lives are now being spent on the internet and this may be the case as the new world order is being launched.

Artificial intelligence

What has become to be known as AI, whereby machines have been made to think like humans, decoding every bit of information introduced to it. This way, machines are able to perform tasks efficiently and interact with users providing accurate answers and explanations to tough questions. AI is going to be in abundance going forward.

Content experts

Just like experts were in demand for conferences and fora, content experts will be needed the more for online content creation. Most websites and social media handles of public figures and big organizations are going to demand content creators to do copywriting on most of their online handles.


Brand experts and ambassadors are now more than ever in demand. Influencers, as they are called, draw clients’ attention and indulgence to a particular brand. Influencers mostly come in the form of people with huge social media following or who may be celebrities in the entertainment or other fields. These people will drive the change in how we see marketing and advertising of products and brands using new technologies.

Interactive content

People with interactive content have been seen doing trending videos and online posts which drive conversations on any platform. These people are well sought after by brands as their strategists. Content is the new data and invention for most of online marketing.


This app is blowing out of proportion with users and followers from all walks of life. People use TikTok for various reasons however, there is no doubt that much data and information is generated
from this online application. In 2020 and beyond, it will be the hub for most online content and marketing of brands and public figures.

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