Nigerian Youth and Global Shaper Narrates How She Survived COVID-19

According to founder of AGS Tribe, Global Shaper and Youth Advisor for the S4YE World Bank, Ms Ifedayo Durosinmi-Etti, COVID19 is real and it hit her like a truck but she i now recovered.

The multiplayer female founder and executive tested positive in June when she woke up in so much pain. “It started with headaches first, then body pains. I went into the hospital and I was diagnosed of bacterial infection,” she disclosed.

“I was restless, in pain, I was then admitted. All the medications and injections they gave me didn’t work. I was discharged but I went back on Friday and Saturday to complain that I wasn’t getting better… at this point, I couldn’t really talk again. It felt like I had 3 safety pins in my throat and the inner part of my neck was sewn together,” she continued to narrate.

This led her to getting tested for COVID since nothing was working.

She explained, “I got tested with the Rapid Antigen test and I was Positive! My life flashed before my eyes.’’

She started her journey of self isolation and anytime she took her medication, Methodex, she describes is as it as feeling “like drinking fire!”, as she was mostly in excruciating pain.

On the 15th, she went to do another test, but was still positive. Finally, on the 27th, she was tested negative. The young leader has further advised people to stay safe and not take the pandemic as a joke.

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