Ghanaian Female Entrepreneurs Lead World Record of Women-owned Businesses

Ghanaian female entrepreneurs lead world record of women-owned businesses but are stuck in micro enterprises, an online news portal has indicated.

According to Crunchbase, an online business magazine, at 46.4 percent, Ghana has the highest rate of women-owned businesses in the world. In a region that has been typecast as patriarchal, women’s labour force participation in Ghana is an astonishing 96.1 percent.

Investors looking for lucrative opportunities in Africa could make handsome profits by looking to the wealth of women entrepreneurs in Ghana.

However, UN reports indicate that many of such women entrepreneurs, are stuck in micro businesses and are unable to expand.

Most of them lack support and have cheap long term credit with less use of new technologies in their workplace. This situation puts them at a disadvantage over other businesses owned by male counterparts.

A push for capital investors may therefore move these women from micro scale into global enterprises, said Bridget Boakye, a data scientist and co-founder of TalentsInAfrica.

Africa’s women are indeed an asset and many more small scale businesses spring up daily which are been owned by dedicated females. The industry will be well structured for females who undertake online entrepreneurial courses and workshops. Also, the use of social media marketing and KPIs for evaluation, are new methods which can help these women scale up their businesses. Below are the top ten women driven markets in the world.

Top 10 markets with percentage of all women business owners:

Ghana – 46.4%
Russia – 34.6%
Uganda – 33.8%
New Zealand – 33.0%
Australia – 32.1%
Vietnam – 31.3%
Poland – 30.3%
Spain – 29.4%
Romania -28.9%
Portugal – 28.7%

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