The World Awaits More Women Leaders

Recently I received a few commendable messages from three of my male friends after a blog post that I shared. For them, I was doing great and they liked the perspectives which I came up with. I couldn’t help but blush as I thanked them for their kind words. For some people women making strides is news. For some of us, it really isn’t a big deal. We put much effort and work into it.

We have watched with pride as our mothers, aunties, and neighbors managed great tasks. We have observed how many women around us take on great leadership positions in the society and become masters at it. This has indeed conditioned our minds for greater works ahead.


On one occasion, a young man told me that we needed more women in leadership positions because the men seem to be creating a mess. I thought that was a wise remark but I also asserted that if only women played their roles well at the grassroots, things may change. Mothers can train young men with great life principles pertaining to leadership. This will change the way men tackle issues in that sector and save us a lot of headache. On the contrary, young girls can also be taught confidence and self worth so that they can conquer their fears and lead change.


To get more women in leadership positions, it must start from the home. Parents must take full responsibility of raising up young women who are fearless and bold. Tell her she is capable, encourage her dreams, be a support system for her. More dreams of the girl child are shattered because of negligence on the part of parents and guardians. Nobody wants to be accountable for anyone anymore. When this is corrected, we will be on our way to liberation of the girl power.

Way forward

My heartfelt regards goes out to young women making great strides across the globe, despite all the setbacks that they face, most especially my Ghanaian friends and family. We are on a great journey to conquering the ills in the system so let’s thrive on. Like the women warriors of Wakanda(reference to Blank Panther movie), we must stand together to support one goal. We must unite and be ready to die for what we believe in. There is no backing down now.

Cheers to women advancement and women leaders!

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