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Writer’s Block Or Busy Schedule?

Hello there, I’m writing from my coiled space of folded sheets and pillows. I hope I have not been missed so much. Smiles. Nothing suppresses creative juices like a busy work schedule and lack of inspiration. But for the love of sharing and the power of the bond that I share with my cherished readers, here I am with you again.

Writing is part of the journey

Over the period of my absence I have being engaged in studies, exams, writing projects as well as new engagements with my social circles. I have been doing a lot of learning, thinking and re-strategizing. Let’s just say I have have being redesigning my life (of course, with you in mind). Most of my thinking has been around whether writing is all I will like to pursue, as that question pops up a lot. Well, the answer is obvious. Like everyone else I have a career to work towards and a future to build. And yes, writing is one of them.

Balancing it all with work

If you are just like me who cannot leave their passion behind, you know we can get sick of a long period of starvation from our passion. Thank goodness I have this medium to share some tips that I think could help and those are Plan, Create, Share, Expand. These tips can help us push back writer’s block in other to find inner peace from what we all love to do, aside writing.

My “Plan, Create Share, Expand” principle

In helping to minimize how my busy schedule affects my writing, I keep a notebook where I can revisit my work schedule. You can only be organized when you plan (And oh! Planning involves writing too). Also, create more posts and leave them to sit in your drafts, thus save them. Share them when the time is right. This will in turn expand your world of possibilities. That is to say, don’t get stuck doing just one thing all the time. Add up to your skills and that means making effective writing one of them.

Practice with me

I’m not going to do this all alone. That is why I thought it wise to share with you. Share your work with the world just like I am and let’s help build each other up. And don’t let either writer’s block or a busy work schedule stop you. Cheers!

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