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Women’s Impact Is A Catalyst For Nation Building.  – Shemimah Dapilaa

Views on Women Impact

Women making impact is the best thing that can happen to any country. Women making impact enhances the development of a country and I believe that is the support men need from us and not just being a house wife or seen as a sex object. Personally, I don’t believe in gender equality, but I know it has encouraged, motivated and empowered women in so many ways. The empowerment of women has caused a lot more of them to do wonderful things which is gaining them some level of respect and recognition. Hillary Clinton, for instance, serves as a role model and a motivator for many women around the world. Her strength, hard work and her determination is what every woman should consider having in life. Despite the negative things being said about her, she still stays focused and that is who a strong woman should be. Michelle Obama once said, “Success isn’t about how much money you make but the impact you make in the life of others”. Based on that, it is my wish to start a venture in Ghana, sometime in the future, to help the less privileged in society.

Women abuse has always been one of the issues that makes my heart bleed. I have always frowned upon women abuse and it has always been my dream to fight it in my own way. This the more reason why I am planing on a foundation to support  and educate women against this act because I believe women are very vital instruments in society and should be treated with love and respect. If I had the power to avert sexual abuse by men on women, I will make an effective law that will protect women and impose a punishment on men who engage in sexual harassment and physical abuse on women. I will also make sure all men who fall victim to this will serve prison terms in order to serve as an example to the others. Through media channels, I will promote the education of the issue of sexual abuse against women in order that it becomes an issue of great concern in the country.

About Me

Shemimah Dapilaa is a 21 year old young woman who hails from Nadowli in the Upper West Region. She is from a family of eight comprising of 5 boys and 3 girls. She attended Sea School Limited JHS in Kumasi and she proceeded to Accra Girls Senior High School for her secondary education. Currently, she is a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Growing up, she has always been a strong girl. She lived with her step mum at the age of five till now and sees challenges as part of growing up. Judging from her self confidence, she confessed that, “I have always been vibrant since Accra Girls Senior High School through to GIJ and have involved myself in so many activities just to acquire knowledge and to make an impact”.

She contested for face of GIJ in the year 2015 where she was part of top ten finalists. She also went ahead to represent GIJ as Face of GUPS(Ghana Union of Professional Students) where she was crowned Face of GUPS in the same year. Being the Face of GUPS allowed her to do a lot of things such as embarking on a volunteering project in her village. During the project, she was able to donate toiletries and cloths to residents and talked to the young girls about the need for education. She also embarked on a Violence Free Election Tour to some Senior High Schools to preach peace with her team which included Irbard Ibrahim ( security analyst ), Konrad Kakraba of GTV, Abdul Hayi Moomen of GTV, and some student activists from UCC and Legon . This project won her an honorary award in this year’s Ghana tertiary women’s award as the Most Impactful Woman Led Project of the year.

Aspirations and Last Words

I see myself as an impact maker and a generational thinker because I always motivate my family and friends by partaking in volunteer works in my village and also by embarking on projects that impact the lives of people. I also write motivational messages that empower women and the girl child. Purpose is what drives me to do what I do or what I have already done. I have an invigorating energy which every person must have in order to be able to achieve their purpose in life.

My passions are in the field of media, politics, and human resource. I have never had the aspiration to be very rich, but I would like to earn enough to reach a stage where I can help others, give my family a comfortable life, and start my own business venture in Ghana. My aspiration in life is to have a loving and supportive companion and give my mother the respect and comfort that she deserves. A fulfilling life where I can look back and feel happy about the richness of it all. A life full of knowledge which I have used to make others life better.

Interview by: Justica Anima
Ghana Institute of Journalism

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