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Why Women Are Attracted To Bad Guys

When asked why they are around the guys who they choose, most women will respond that these men make them feel good and appreciated. Most women do not see that their choice of a bad guy will either hurt or make them sad. All they think about is the seemingly good good loving that they will receive from these guys who sometimes end up hurting them and breaking their hearts. 


Women are very vulnerable creatures who find solace in security. Try as they may hide it, they demand a lot of attention, love, and dependence on another person. One of the many reasons why women naturally fall in love with the bad guys is for a sense of protection and provision. This is absolutely something that most of the guys though may be lacking, are assumed to be able to provide. When this element is lacking, these women become more hurt. However, in real sense, most bad guys are protective of their women and try their best to provide for them, which is why the women love them. 

Fun loving

Bad guys are very fun to be with. They know almost all the booming spots in town. They can make you laugh and are good at telling jokes. Women who are easily drawn to excitement and are socially active tend to admire bad guys for this reason. They know that once they are hooked up with these guys, they are going to have a jolly ride through all of jamming places and events around. Plus they will enjoy a good sense of humor from their men. You’ve got to love the bad guys, you know? 


Although they may look collected and calm, women are adventurers who love to try out new things all the time. Their love for adventure and doing the unthinkable is what sometimes drives them towards the guys they choose. Tough guys have a lot of experience with trying out unventured areas, and that is why their women love them. This is so that they can be able to learn new things that they cannot learn on their own from these guys. 

Risk Taking

Incase you did not know, women are attracted to men who can take risks. They do not want to be the men in their relationship and therefore love to see their men take new strides. Bad guys are people who are not afraid to take risks and who give their women assurance that they can depend on them to survive in any situation. This is the more reason why women get attracted to such men and go all out of their way to remain with them despite all the hitches involved. Risk taking is a quality most women love to see in their men. Some even say its a turn-on. 


Most women love to be pampered but most of all, they like to know that they can be tamed as well. When thier man is all shaky and weak, women tend to look out for other men who will excercise an authority over their lives. Just a few women are drawn towards more calmer men, but even so, these calm men have to be able to tame them in diverse ways for them to choose to stay in the relationship. Women love strong men whom they can submit to and love at the same time. 

So there you have it. Do you have other suggestions as to why women love bad guys? Drop it in the comment box below. 

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  1. Thanks.
    But good guys can be very protective. You dont have to be a bad guy to know the nice places in town or to be proctective…

  2. I think I really need to check up the word “bad” in the dictionary again…..

  3. Bad guys are the Heartbreakers and playboys. Its sad women are more attracted to these type of men rather than the good ones.

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