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Why We Need To Reconstruct and Apply Maintenance In Our Lives

Welcome to a new you! If you clicked this, you are alive. Not alive because you are breathing or moving but because you want to experience something new. Life is offered as a gift for those who are ready to do new things, I believe. Our greatest achievements are counted as the things we tried and succeeded, not the ones we never attempted.
Every person, like a machine, needs to apply changes in some areas of their lives. For a machine, it requires paying particular attention to lubrication, cleaning and proper maintenance in order to attain efficiency. Humans need change too. We cannot afford to be rigid instead we need flexibility in all aspects of our live. A person who never did anything new never achieved any good thing.
What do you see when you see successful people? They are constantly changing their habits, cars, clothes, associates, and sometimes, to some extent, their body. We have been born with the creative ability to create new things around us. We have the power to wield things into being and all it takes is to use that power to cause constant changes in our lives.
Establish the skill to use your words to construct any good thing that you want to see manifest in your life. This is not a sermon. This is a truth. Whatever you say you are, you become. Change the way you talk about yourself, your family, and your friends. Go for the life-changing words that can catapult you to bigger and better grounds. Try it, it works like magic. I have powerful words posted in the corner of my room which I recite every morning to keep me going. And the results have been tremendous.
As a man thinks, so is he. Yes! Think a millionaire and you are. It’s that simple. Start thinking of yourself going places. Visualise the billionaire and great person that you want to become. Think positive about yourself and everyone around you. The universe smiles at you when you think that way. In no time, you will see yourself in the places you imagined. Dream big, God does not work on small things. He is too big for that.
“Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can”. This is one  of my favorite quotes. By all means, act, and act right. The sum of all the good things that we do is what brings us fulfillment. Always be on the go and target those things that you want to see done around you that nobody else is doing, and do it. Adjust to new changes and do not let anything take you by surprise. Be ready for all the possible things that can happen on your journey through this puzzle called life. Don’t stop when things go wrong. You only need to get it done once. Solve problems and win at all cost. For me, it was learning to prepare the correct jollof rice. I really had a tough time; from preparing watery jollof to burnt ones, and now I’m just perfect. What is your worst failure? Don’t stop doing it. Just do it!
Dress up and let your opponents know that you are ready for battle. You cannot show up on the battle ground looking like you are going to play tennis. You must look good and be ready for whatever occasion. Look the talk. The way you present yourself is one thing that you must learn, apply, and maintain in the bid to get to the top. Look and smell good all the time. Be in the trend. Follow what  people are wearing for various occasions and Apply in your style. Avoid being the laughing stock at an event. Your appearance says a lot about your personality. I thought you should know this by now. Well… Are you practicing it?
What language are you speaking fluently? I recall some times past when I spoke so much  vernacular with my friends so much that I struggled anytime I decided to speak English. That’s how it is with language and speech. Choose to speak the language of the great men. Whichever language it is, make sure it is the one that will transform you into the person you want to be. Never be part of the group of people who speak vulgar and profane words. Other people also speak in a tone that sounds “bush”. Maintain a positive image by choosing your words, tenses, grammar and tonation well. Never forget to mind your language.
There will be battles and mountains in the way, but you cannot expect to win if you never try. We are all learning every step of the way. So learn all you can, practise with all zeal, and be sure to win in all you do. Go make history! Share your thoughts about this piece with me, I will be glad to hear from you.
Justica Anima

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