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Why Rush For A ‘Good’ Relationship When You Can Wait For The Best? 

It’s a month of love and finally Valentine’s Day will be here again. You may be wondering why a time will be set aside to show love to your partner but well, I presume a lot more people need it than you can imagine. That is why some people even go ahead and  do weird things just to get a date. You don’t want to go searching for your treasures in unrefined places, do you? 

Real Issues

Only a few people will pretend not to be bothered about not getting a date in the month of love but there are many lonely people who will do anything to be in a relationship. It might interest you to know that people book for Valentine’s day dates. Others also find solace in their ex lovers (people they may not have heard from in ages for whatever reason). 
My major concern is the number of people who get wrecked after the whole partying and wining has died down. They finally come back to their senses and regret whichever decisions they  had taken. These decisions which are mostly not worth it eventually makes them feel more lonely, abused and dejected. So why the rush?

Take your time 

Two people who want to love eachother must be willing to do a lot of work to sustain what they have. Nothing good comes easy. This is why those who do not want to get hurt or find problems with another person are those who definitely will go for just anyone. See, relationships are hardwork and we must not be fooled by the lovey dovey sight we see around. Sometimes behind the closed doors are great issues which these couple battle with. Let’s not even be fooled by what we see and fantasize about in the Hollywood movies. Just like life, real love comes out of hard knocks. 

If you must be happy in any relationship, you must relax. Sit back and work hard on yourself. Connect with others the more often and focus on building your self confidence. Also,  you can always consider going on dates with people and finally choose the one who you are most comfortable with. Just don’t go into a relationship because you feel lonely and out of place. Take your time to find the best person just for you. Love is possible when done right. 

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