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Who Is Addressing The Traffic Situation In Accra? 

The traffic situation is sad especially when you have to put up with schedules outside of your company, office or workplace. Worst case scenerio is when you are expected to be at a place at a particular time. Or perhaps you need to meet a client over lunch or dinner outside of your office. 

Nobody seems to be addressing this traffic situation in Accra. And the even more sad situation is the rise in the number of private cars in the nation’s capital. Everybody wants to show that the can ride in their private car either for comfort or for luxury. 

I know most people will argue that if one doesn’t want to be late, they must leave to their destination early. But my question is what happens to those who have to finish one thing in other to attwnd to the other. In that case, you have no choice but to finish up what you are doing until you get time to tackle the other things. The even more sad thing is how traffic can limit your movements or even affect your time management. One has to sit in traffic for close to 2hrs before getting to a location. This can really slow productivity to some extent. 

What happens is that your plans can be cancelled due to the traffic, which will mean less work done. Another  challenge is that you waste too much time on the road when you can be doing something viable with your time. A common instance is when you are travelling the 37 to Adenta road after working hours.   In the end,  more people get tired and worn out due to the time they spend in traffic. And to make matters worse, government officials will be blowing sirens for the roads to be cleared for them to get to go to their own destinations. 

So what is government doing about this saddening issue? Where is the Ministry of roads and transport in this matter? Can’t there be any mechanisms in place for this hearthrobbing problem we face as a people? What other affordable means of transport can we incorporate into the system for there to be less traffic in Accra? Will this problem still remain even as more and more people are migrating into the capital? 

 I am using this medium to send out a resounding alarm that traffic is causing more lateness, laziness, and unproductivity among Ghanaians in recent times. Some cars even get overheated and catch fire in the process of waiting long hours in traffic. These are some issues we are facing as a people and our leaders must be quick to address it for us as much as they can. 

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