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What I Learnt From The Creative Writing Class That Every Writer and Non-writer Needs To Know

The best way to communicate your ideas is through sharing it. That is exactly what most writers seek to achieve. You cannot deal fairly with any viable business unless you can communicate your thoughts and ideas effectively. The Creative Writing Class seeks to educate students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism on the relevance of being creative in sharing out information in the form of writing.
There are numerous workshops being run during the class periods. Most of these workshops build capacity and skills of students to enable them be better writers and communicators. In one of such workshops I deduced these few lessons I am about to share with you.
Social media presence

The need for social media in today’s world cannot be overlooked. Brands and companies are widely using these platforms to build themselves. The interactive nature of a business or individual’s social media platform is what gains them the winning urge. Apparently, most people are on social media and are unaware of the many great opportunities in it. For some, it is a waste of resources and time. With a look at the brighter side, you will be amazed at how your social media presence can make or mar your career or personal life. The main lesson here is that whether you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and what have you; you must be able to use that to better brand yourself as an individual or a business through writings.
Best Career Path

Most people are unaware of the many career opportunities that writers are open up to. For most people, writers are mainly authors and journalists. That assumption is entirely wrong because in today’s world where technology and internet are rampant, writers play a bigger role. We can now find varied career options for writers such as Playwright, Concept developer, Personal Assistants, Communications Expert or Personnel, Brand Ambassadors, Spoken Word Artists, Bloggers, Creative Directors, Editors, Script Writers, Social Media Manager, Website Developer and Manager,  just to mention but a few. In all of this, one amazing quality runs through and that is the ability to write and communicate well. However, if none of these options seem attractive to you, writing and communication may still come in handy at a point in your life so you cannot afford not to learn it.
Learning Wide and free

Learning in the contest of school is good. However, learning from other avenues is great. It is good to always have skills that you can rely on, especially in these times when finding a job is a huge task. A lot of people learning amazing things on the Internet while others observe daily situations and pick up lessons from there. Whichever way, one must always learn and build on areas where you have much interest in. For example singing, writing, acting, driving, learning a language, and cooking. The benefits of learning wide is that it opens you up for greater tasks ahead. If you refuse to learn today, the possibility of you becoming great is low. Learners are Winners. As part of your learning, you need to share what you have learnt with others. This form of sharing can best be done or expressed through writing, in the form of journals, drama, blog, music and the likes.
Starting Small

This may sound cliche but the truth of the matter is, you will have to start anyway. The thing about the Creative is that you will have to build enough followership who consistently see your works and begin to believe in you. By starting small, you will be building contacts and learning along the way. Like the growth process, you finally become mature and experienced in whichever field you decide to pursue. If you want to be the best photographer, you will need to start with the community and people closer to you. As time goes on, you can capture pictures at events and a lot more places. The same with writing, you need to post from less interesting to horrible stories in other to become a celebrated writer. That is how the journey to stardom begins.

One good thing about teamwork that I know is that it never disappoints. This is due to the fact that there are so many ideas on board that will actually attract excellence. One key lesson in the Creative Writing Class that I cannot miss to share is Partnering. With this, a group of people come together to champion a course which one person may not have been able to handle. For instance, a group of students can build on a concept which they can manage to bring into reality. The group may consist of the writer, the photographer, a publicist, a tech addict, and a marketer. This group can successfully manage a Blog or Website and better brand themselves as compared to one person doing all of those tasks by themselves.
I hope these few tips help to renew your mind and grant you better career ideas. What other lessons can you share with regards to Writing and Creativity? How has writing helped you in life and in your career?

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  1. GREAT writeup. I found them usefully relevant. They'te right on point. I look forward to building a partnership with you as I take a journey to writing and becoming a great writer (author).

    Kudos, Justica

  2. Thanks for enjoying the read and finding it useful. Looking forward to many great opportunities together too.

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