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Travel Muse: From Akosombo To Takoradi

Green. Green. Green.

That’s all that met my eyes on my journey to both locations. The journey was not something I had made my mind on but I knew I needed break from Accra. I had a limited amount of money too. Lesson 1: You can travel on a low budget. No need for hotel and accommodation cost when you have friends at the area you want to travel to. My bag pack was stuffed with drinks and water for my comfort while I boarded a vehicle at Madina station. My first destination was Akosombo.

This was my second… No it was my third time in the beautiful town of Akosombo located in the Eastern Region.

Surrounded by green grass and trees

This time around I have decided to blog about it because I have gathered enough momentum and evidence to the fact that it has one of the most beautiful scenery in Ghana. There was Volta hotel to welcome us (my tour partners and I) to its warm reception. The pool was beautifully waiting for me to take a swim which I gladly did. That night the Ghana Police band treated us to some great music after having dinner at the same hotel. After dancing my feet away, we went to lodge at one of the bungalows where a friend lived.

Next day was a tour to Afrikiko River Resort. Goodness the view! For me, it was an ultimate touch with nature.

A view of the river from Afrikiko Resort

Ghana has real natural assets for it’s people. And tell you what? We did not pay a dime to enjoy this beauty. Nothing like gate fee. Except we had to pay for the plate of Kelewele that we ordered for. Isn’t that cost effective?

Next journey was to the Western Region. Takoradi greeted me with some fine Fante language. The people are so care free and warm. Everyone I greeted and asked for directions from was nice to me in the town. Inside the bus, it was chatty as we enjoyed some movies during the four hours drive. I liked the serenity of the environment as soon as I touched down. This was my second visit too.

I had my first Indomie around “Squeeze”, a hang out area, on the second day I was in Takoradi, and I must say, Accra people need to go and learn from them. Then there was the ‘Acheke’ and Tilapia hunt. We got to “Good News FM” for some but ended up going to Sekondi to find Tilapia. The ride to Sekondi from Airport Ridge was fun. I saw Akroma Plaza, Chopsters, Spice Bar, all eateries and hospitality facilities. There was KFC too which was yet to be opened. I found myself at the Officer’s Mess beach in Sekondi, where we finally got what was to be the best grilled tilapia. Lol.

Around TTU junction (T-Poly)

Many thanks to my friends, I had an exciting stay on a 50 Ghana cedis budget without having to spend so much on food nor accommodation. I lived with a friend at Fijai. The other friends bought me food and drinks. Good hosts huh? They really made my stay worthwhile.

Selfie with some Takoradi folks at SSNIT Hall

Takoradi Market Circle looks like Accra Central in terms of how it is busy. Also, the buildings there look just as those in Accra Central. I could easily see the similarities. But tell you what, some of the drivers were too stiff on their prices when it came to picking ‘dropping’. I had to resort to picking loading cars to save myself some bucks.

In all, I had an exciting journey. Lesson 2: Learn the lessons in cultural background and pay attention to details. Final lesson: Travel and explore while you can. Cheers!

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