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The True  Essence of Volunteerism

I trust you are all good? I wanted to share with you, the essence of volunterism as I learnt at a Conference dubbed “Unconference”, a gathering of young social changemakers,  that I got the chance to attend in Rwanda. 

Volunteering allows you to align yourself with someone, mostly a leader, who knows something you don’t. When you volunteer under any project, you are able to tap into ideas, skills, and strategies that you may have not had the chance to access anywhere else. 

Volunteering also grants you access to connections and opportunities that your leader has access to. This means that you will be a step closer to your own initiative if you are highly recommended or your devotion gets to be recognized. Plus, volunteering is decent work. You can upload your experiences on your CV.
So many young people are asking what they will benefit  in terms of monetary gain while ignoring the other indirect forms of benefit that they will be exposed to during volunterism. In Rwanda, the youth are the builders of their nation. And they work with every passion they’ve got. This is because, they know that their hardwork is what will bring development to themselves and their nation as a whole. 


 The youth’s zeal for work at the expense of their own pleasures is what is making Rwanda the fastest developing nation in Africa. 

Personally,  I have been a volunteer under several projects and events. I deliberately chose to be a volunteer in areas of sales, event planning, and organisation in order for me to learn the skills that I have carried on along in my career today. Be deliberate about volunteering. It will teach you great tips on service, sales, planning, organising, public speaking, and it will boost your confidence. 

Let’s strive to be volunteers and let us work together to bring development to ourselves and our nations one day and one project at a time. 

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