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The Future Is Tomorrow – Koo Kumi

William Dubois Kumi popularly known in entertainment circles as Koo Kumi, a freelance street photographer and a poet, took time to tell us more about himself and the amazing strides he is taking as a student and social innovator making impact. 

Growing Passions

For him, shooting random pictures, both natural and artificial, and observing the things people do are his major muse as a creative. Growing up as a non sociable person, poetry came as a way of expressing the things he would want to tell people which he found difficult to say to their face. Poetry recitals as a kid never meant anything to him until he grew up and heard someone doing spoken word. That was the turn around in his life. He totally embraced poetry from that time on and has never looked  back since then. 

Troto Vibes Project

Recently, he got the chance to pitch his ‘Trotro Vibes’ idea at the Accra Soup, a movement that seeks to support social entrepreneurs. Doing this with two other social entrepreneurs saw his idea selected as the best, which won him a cash prize. This amount of money, he said, will go into getting more resources to sustain his project. 

What Trotro Vibes is currently doing is entering public transportation and entertaining the passengers onboard with spoken word performances. This project aims at projecting poetry to the masses so that a lot more people can appreciate the art the more. He embarks on this project with friends and a team who are passionate about spoken word.


Asking about some challenges he faces as a young entrepreneur, he mentioned the obvious, which is lack of enough resources and capital to move his team  from one bus to the other. However, he remarked that the project has been so far fulfilling.  He has therefore put in place  new mechanisms of promoting the project and one of those is building a website for his brand. Also, he has Writing and Performance workshop coming off on the 17 and 18 of March this year, which will help train more young people in writing and spoken word performance. 

What the Future Holds 

Asked what the future holds for Koo Kumi, he exclaimed that, “The future is tomorrow!”. Indeed, with such record and works accomplished such as Untitled Ones, Just For You (Slow Down) and Dear Future Wife, what else can we say? Cheers to a great future tomorrow with the uprising star,  Koo Kumi. 

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