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The Everyday Ghanaman Talks

The ordinary Ghanaian (Ghanaman) is always talking about something. They are always venting their frustrations and anger on the system hoping that it will work better for them. Others sit at their comfortable zone hardly seeing what the Commoner sees. There are a few positive ones who, like the Joshua and Caleb in the Bible, encourage their counterparts to keep on believing and hoping for better days. In most of their discussions, the frustrated talk about money, jobs, sanitation, roads, security, healthcare, bribe and corruption, among others.

Bad roads are the commonest difficulty most Ghanaians have to deal with. A government starts doing something about it and then her successor abandons what was started and focuses on a new project altogether. Traveling on these roads are not only threatening to lives but damaging to goods and properties . To top it all, fuel prices keeep going up and passengers need to pay for high transportation fares. The most annoying for these citizens is when they have to pay at toll booths and yet see less of good roads and road maintenance.

Healthcare has been a subject going about for a long time. With the hope that more talks about it will curb the situation, it keeps worsening by the day. How on earth can people be left unattended to at the hospitals with some lying on the floor without beds to lie on. The alarming rate of negligence by helath workers of public hospitals if not quickly resolved will cause us a lot of our abled human resource. Mothers who deliver lose their babies while some die in the process of delivery. Who is to blame for this?

These labour force are the same people who are complaining about jobs. Their plea is for more job avenues to be able to make a living. A plea for mercy. Maybe we will have to wait for factories that will stem from the new government’s policies to be implemented. Less jobs mean high crime rates and high pressure on our security as a people.

Security personnel have resorted to taking bribe at the word go. How can criminals fear them and talk less of them stopping their criminal activities. Insiders are there in the security system to back culprits if need be and so criminals walk free on the streets and continue to cause more harm while innocent souls lurk in prison.

Let me end with our sanitation situation. Ghanaians are sick and tired of always seeing filth around them forgetting that they are the main cause. Well, as it stands, they will still complain and shift blame to other people. Maybe we all should start by practicing hygiene and keeping our immediate environment clean. The homeless and street lords should also be catered for in order to keep them off the streets as they end up littering it.

I hope this gets to the right people and that some of these grievances will be addressed. How are you making the country a better place to stay? How well do you think these problems can be effectively addressed? Let me hear from you in the comments box.

Photo credit: Brenda(The BikerGirl)

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  1. Great inspiration, The Bike Girl, as you mention we all can do our best to start something in our own ways to keep the community we find ourselves clean. Others can start their own jobs so they don’t have to depend on the government for employment. There are others jobs that need organisations to work with. May I suggest that these organisations do they best to create jobs in their communities to reduce the level of crime activities in our environs.

  2. Thanks for your feedback and thoughts Kweitchoo.

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