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Social Media Distraction And How To Deal With It

Too many times people are too concerned about updating their social media pages to satisfy other people. I am talking about those people who constantly update pictures of themselves  at various places which are mostly of no relevance  to their followers. By the way,  I am not in any way saying posting pictures is bad. However, it will be very beneficial to your followers if it inspires them to know more places outside of town, or make them aspire for greatness. Also, be an advocate for good news rather than trivia. Social media has its own advantages which must be the main focus for visiting there. So here are a few tips to help you stay away for at least a long while. 

Blow off
Yes, you have to call it off. Turn off the internet, and do something more worthwhile with your time. Go sight seeing, read a book, connect physically with your family. By every means, cut off all your social media connections and connect a lot more with the real world. Too much time on social media will wear you down and also take up all your time. Do not be a slave to the internet. Control it. 

Too much time on social media will wear you down. 

Get Special Help

 Sometimes it is really not easy to cut off all the strings by yourself. Seek help from a friend or a professional. Ask someone to monitor your engagement on social media. This person must be there to tell you when it is enough. They can help you stock away some of the gadgets that actually make you spend more time on the web. Monitoring is a good thing. If you realise that you are way beyond doing it all by yourself, seek help. It is that simple. You just have to comply to make way for a better life outside of social media. 

Decide to Focus

 It all  begins with you. You have to decide, whether by yourself or with the help of someone, to turn away from the distractions. It must be a deliberate attempt to use your time profitably. Replace social media with other passion driven activities like painting, writing, swimming, playing an instrument, taking a course, or even resting. Managing time is a skill that everyone needs therefore keeping focus will help you to easily achieve that. 

Go out and live a managed social media lifestyle. Keep off the distractions and always stay focused on the more important tasks in your life. I hope this helps you to a great extent.  

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  1. Great Piece Stica..Very Excellent points

  2. Great piece Stica..Excellent points..

  3. Thanks sir. It was great to hear from you.

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