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#NewYearGoals: Embracing A New African Narrative

On this day, I write to be a new and better me. A writer.

In a country as Ghana where I have lived and grown up, the possibilities are endless but it can also get frustrating. I am in Accra so I get to experience every bit of what is happening first hand. To say the least, television and electricity invaded this place before any other township. Hurraaay! You will think I must have the greatest of moments then. Sorry, I am still as clueless about what is happening around me just as the village folks.

I am writing tonight; 9:11pm. I am writing to free my thoughts about what could go right in my life if my country was in a better form. Better healthcare, better education, better road networks, better and cheaper internet connectivity. What more could we ask for and hope to acquire? We can become better people when there is a lot more facilities available to make our lives better. Reading the book, “The Bottom Billion” by Paul Collier tells a lot about failing countries and how their population are struggling to catch up with the developed states. It is such a mind stimulant, opening my eyes to better possibilities in Afria and beyond. 

Everyday, I want to be a better person. How can I bring that to life? In country where there is so much competition among startups and each one suffocates the other, you can only learn to survive and grow. Young women thrive each day to be a better version of themselves because here: You are told to go easy on your dreams else you may scare potential suitors off. You only have a chance to get married to your future man or to your future self.

I am writing to set the  pace for a new African narrative, starting with myself. I have accepted the challenge to write more about Africa as I read more about the continent. HOMEGOING is another African masterpiece written by Yaa Gyasi. It is my current muse. I am just going to point out all the fun, chaos and stories right from my national homeland, Ghana, while being fully engrossed in my readings. It can only get better. Africa needs more writers who can share in their everyday existence. 

I hope you come along with me on this journey of self,  national, and global discovery.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Am definitely coming along. This journey seems interesting.

  2. Thanks Constance. You will be amazed.

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