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My January Lessons And Highlights.

2018 has begun well for me and I am excited that I made it into this year. I am also looking forward to new opportunities, connections to be made, and new places to explore. So far, I have learnt a lot of lessons from books, people, and places. These lessons I am sharing with you was inspired by my facilitators at the Global Graduate Academy (www.theglobalgraduateacademy.com). Here are my top lessons so far in the month of January:


In the book The Power of Positive Thinking, I learnt that prayer is the first step to finding solutions in life. You then have to create a mental picture of what you want to see for it to become actualized in your life. I tried it and got some internship opportunities.


It has not been my habit to finish reading a book although I have done that a few times. Since I love books, I easily start books and get hold of another book without finishing the first one. This month, I was challenged to read Homegoing from cover to cover for a book club and it has been very fulfilling. I hope to do more of finishing every book that I start.


I am interning for a Production House and was oneday asked to do an Intro for experimentation. Until then, I thought presenting was an easy task. It has taught me to constantly practice in front of a mirror if I am going to be good at presentation and public speaking.


Globally, people are trying to do what you aim at doing. I recently finished reading a novel titled, Homegoing, and I have been inspired to do more. Yaa Gyasi, a Ghanaian raised in Alabama and graduate of Stanford University, authored the book. She narrates the slavery story in the most unimaginable way. Yaa has since received many awards including the National Book Foundation’s 2016 “5 under 35” award. This tells me there is competition out there that I must beat if I want to succeed at writing.


There is a young lady I secretly admire. She is doing great with her social enterprise and is going places because of her passion. At 26, she is already getting millions of funds for her start up, as well as, training over 100 young girls in STEM with her company, Developers in Vogue. Since I follow her on social media, I get updated on most of her activities. She is Ivy and she is always on the move. I wonder how she does all of these things amidst granting television and radio interviews. Lesson: You can never finish up talent. There is always abundance for us if only we keep working at it.

I hope this inspires you and encourages you to do more. Share your own lessons for January 2018 with me in the comment section below. Enjoy the rest of the year!

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  1. Diana Setsofia Agbenyo

    I love this…You and Ivy inspire me too.
    Here’s to more lessons next month and beyond.

  2. Benjamin Adjei Adjetey

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been inspired by you to do more..

  3. I am inspired by these lessons; I have learned a lot from this and am inspired to achieve my dream and goals irrespective of any challenges I may face. God keep you and grace to do more.

  4. Thanks buddies. Keep achieving!

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