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Making Your College Life Useful And Worthwhile 

If like me you hate clichés then the saying, “University days are the most useless days”, should not be one of your beliefs. There are many ways to get involved in college which can make your stay on campus worth living. All of us have the potential of making the best out of life. It’s in us. Our influence should be felt even in the most subtle ways. The most valuable resource at your school isn’t the books or lessons; it is the community of students, teachers, collegues and others. Make the most out of them. As I took time to read and watch videos on some best advice for college students, these few tips formed up in my mind and so I am sharing them with you. 

+Choose business over lectures

I, personally, will always choose a professional or business opportunity in my field of studies over sitting long hours in the classroom. Do not aim at only succeeding in the classroom while  failing to take advantage of the great opportunities all around you. The experiences you have in the corporate world will more likely put you at a greater advantage than degrees will. While at this, learn to manage your work and studies life balance. This is mostly not easy but it helps to build your organizational and planning skills. 

+Add value to others

Try engaging in useful activities that will not only add value to yourself but also those around you. It is easy to think you have nothing to offer as a student but going on volunteer jobs and asking to help your mentors with anything is the best way to build strong relationships. The more you are willing to help others, the more doors open for you.  

+Take on new initiatives

Start a club or foundation. Start a social media page and share valuable lessons and ideas for students to learn from.  Do something out of the world. Find out problems you hate in your community  and use your passion to solve them. You can address these issues with a blog  or with a project advocating on the solutions to these problems. 

+Network and socialise more

The people you meet have a great impact on what your life turns out to be. Stay connected with people around you and meet people outside of your space. Look around for events and places where you can network and meet with great people. This people can help build your contact base. You will need these contacts in the future, who knows? 

+Discover who you want to be

It is at this stage in life that most people are uncertain about what they want to do in life. At this point in your life,  you must open yourself to alot of opportunities so that you can choose from the pool of experiences that you acquire. Travel more and engage in various activities like photography, painting, blogging, public speaking engagements, teaching, selling, fashion design, graphic design, swimming, driving, network marketing. Take time to know where you want your life to be directed towards. Knowledge about who you want to be will help you to easily prepare towards achieving your goal. Try and figure things out for yourself while in college and not after school when it might be too late. 
I am still reading and learning from YouTube and LinkedIn influencers on the best ways to live a worthwhile life while in college. Hoping that these few tips will guide you to some extent. I will also recommend a book by Robert Kiyosaki, “If You Want To Be Rich And Happy Don’t Go To School?”, to you. 

Stay ahead and remember to stay in touch in the comment box, or you may  get interactive via any of my social media paltforms. 

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