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Lessons From My First Ever Pitch To Investors

Presenting an idea, be it business or project proposal, is not an easy task. It may require your time, devotion and a lot of practice. However, there are always rules to this game. Knowing these simple rules will always help you make impact and get the expected result from your presentation. I had the chance to pitch a project in May, earlier this year,  and these are a few lessons I picked and want to share with you. The truth is that we all sell our ideas one way or the other and so knowing the right words to say and things to do is very important.

Be confident

Never pose as one who is not confident. A weak posture or shy outlook may give a signal that your idea is not worth investing time or money into. This will turn off the attention of the audience and may disrupt the flow of delivery of your message. Practice high power postures like sit-ups, listening to your favorite playlist, and smiling before starting any presentation is great. This allows you to exude a good level of confidence once you are before the jury.

Believe in your work

It is normal to have doubts about whatever idea or project that you are trying to pitch. Start by having positive thoughts about yourself and the project that you seek to present. It is not healthy to doubt your capabilities since you need to be the first cheerleader of the your personality. Put much research into your work by preparing the best information that best explains what you seek to pitch. This will keep you adequately informed as well as help you answer questions in the the right way.


No athlete goes to the field without engaging in enough vigorous activities. This is the same with any venture of life. Your pitch can only find its feet if you spend enough time in practice. Practicing what to say helps you to manage your time and reduces anxiety.

Focus on winning

If you are seeking to gain enough scores and funds, keeping your focus on this aim will enable you win. Where you focus much of your energy into is the place you reap from. Never settle for less than you deserve. Winners are always on the look out for opportunities so that they can prove their capabilities to the world. Let that be your focus. I pitched with the mind that I was going to be part of six winners. Funny enough, I do not know whether I pitched well enough. What I know is that I focused my energy on winning which indeed made me win.

Let’s get interactive. Do you have any lessons to share from your recent pitch or presentation? Share with us.

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