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Keteke: Serving Us The Untold Ghanaian Stories

I had my chance to watch the awestrucking Keteke movie on campus. For once, I must admit that I was so engaged in a movie from start to finish, something I hardly did. Let’s just say I love anything that seeks to tell the Ghanaian story in the most unique way. And that is exactly what Peter Sedufia’s Keteke did justice to. Until this movie came out, I never knew Keteke actually meant train. 

The characters, especially Fred Amugi, Adjetey Anang, and Lydia Forson, proved that showmanship is really exciting and educative. Not only did they express the story beautifully, they did a fantastic job by portraying real African characters that anyone could relate to. The director indeed did a great job too. 

Right from the beginning, the movie attracts its viewers attention to how people of olden times traveled by train and by foot. It further used its characters, visual elements and scenes to portray the exact message that it wanted to send across: Love, and the pain and joy that comes with it. Though fictitious, the movie, in my opinion, employed alot of Ghanaian traits to tell its story beautifully. The main characters were exceptional. Pregnant Atswei, really looked and behaved like the typical Ga woman in our society. And so did Boye, her husband. 

I loved the way it talked about our culture in the most subtle way, with emphasis on traditions, humor and a mix of our local language. Kodus to the producer and his team. I hope we get more of such movies in the industry to help teach young folks about their history and true identity as a people.   

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