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It Is A Man’s Responsibility To Share Love. – Counselor Lutterrodt

In our world today, it is easier for us to teach  people than we see the need to be taught. Everyone seems to be their own teachers so they do not like the idea of embracing knowledge from people who have the knowledge and expertise. I know Counselor Lutterodt is not many people’s favorite. Invariably, he seems to me one of the finest counselors this nation has had, although sometimes he has an aggressive and controversial approach to addressing issues.

Recently, there was a video circulating around in which the counselor is seen lambastering a lady by name Ghanaian Diva over her relationship with Kofi Adjorlolo, a veteran actor. Details of their affair has been circulating with their intended marriage as the most recent. The questions which are being raised are however around the age difference between the two love birds. [that will be discussed at some other time]

In addressing the issue between Ghanaian Diva and her husband-to-be, the counselor made a profound statement which I want us to dwell on. He stated clearly that, “Men give love and it is the woman’s duty to receive that love”. He further went on to state that women who end up giving out love are more prone to heartbreaks than those who dedicate their time to receiving and not giving off love. As to whether I agree to this whole assertion or not depends on our observation in society today. Do women who engage more in giving out love end up being hurt? Do men indeed give out love to the women they truly care about? How do we measure this assertion by Counselor Lutterodt?

Then again, he said that women in receiving the love from men become more beautiful because they feel loved. According to him love is not a two way affair but rather a one way thing, where one party benefits more than the other. Do you agree? The counselor has spoken, let all men surrender and say no more. So in this season of love, my ladies, be more receptive while the men do all the giving.
Wouldn’t the world be a better place that way? Let me hear your thoughts on this issue. How giving are you of love, and should gender really matter when it comes to that?

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