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#WomensDay: What About The Young Ghanaian Woman Finding Her Feet? 

The story you are about to read may change your perception about a lot of things about some women you meet. This one is about your average young woman who always takes the bold  step each day in trying to change the course of her life. She is simple looking and does not exude confidence,and yet even her silence speaks volumes to people. 

I have known such women for so long and yet they never cease to amaze me because although they have never had it easy from childhood, it always teaches them to be strong and fight for themselves no matter what. So what makes her story peculiar. Well… 

The Typical Ghanaian Woman

In an average Ghanaian setting, a young lady in her early twenties may have never stayed with her mom or dad for a full week before. Her parents may have being divorced or she may have been born out of wedlock. Such a lady has always being on her own, trying to be educated, employed, in a relationship, at the top; all by herself. You can call her ‘self made’. She has to learn to endure hardships, living with step mothers and unloving relatives, heart breaks from men, struggle to be something that she is not: and yet, she still fights on everyday as her life depends on it. 

Her Real Struggles 

The strongest of all her battles is having to fight victimization and downsizing because she is woman. Her capabilities are sometimes relegated to the grounds just because she dares to dream, and evenmore dream bigger than the opposite sex. She may even be termed a feminist just because she choses to have principles and uphold high standards. Women impact is a good thing but it becomes incomplete if other aspects of society  limits the full growth and development of this gender. 

The Need For More Women Centred Development 

What then is the way forward? I believe that more women are now allowed to go to school to acquire knowledge and to develop skills for a better tomorrow. There is however the need for more women centred training which sets to help attain the Sustainable development goal 5 which is Gender Equality. There is the need for more attractive training programmes and design thinking methods or approaches that gives space for young women to learn new skills.  

Women ideas and businesses should be accepted, nurtured, sponsored and implemented so as to motivate more and more of them, especially the  young ones to come up with equally brilliant ideas. In the end of it all, society must be an all embracive one which is void of gender bias so as to encourage younger women to break the glass ceiling that this gender faces. Women are never the weak gender. THEY ARE CAPABLE AND WISE. 

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