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Influence: A Powerful Tool For Personal and People Development 

I have observed something about most great people. They have the power and choice to do many extraordinary things around them for people and for themselves. Success is mostly felt when it is shared amongst people. It is only when the impact is felt that we can say a person is successful. Hiding it and not sharing your relevance with the world only shows a sign of weakness and a lack of courage. Whatever you do, you must remember that you are directly and indirectly motivating another person positively or negatively. That is why you must always be on the look out for stories and people making great impact so that you can learn from them. 

It was for this reason that I was recently watching the BET Honors Awards 2016 when one thing struck me. All the people being honored had something unique that they had displayed over the years vis-à-vis their talents.  And that was the power to be an influencer. However, the impact they made were also as a result of another person’s influence upon them. I watched as the likes of Patti Labelle, L.A. Ried, Morris White, Eric Holder (Attorney General under Barack Obama’s administration), and many others who were honored took to the stage to give wonderful speeches about the stories of how other people’s influence and push had changed their lives forever. Like we see in many awards programs, all of them were certain to acknowledge the people who had helped them to accomplish these feats. That is what I loved about all the awardees and the lesson I want to share with you: Great people influence others to positively achieve even greater things than themselves. 

For most of us, we sometimes think that we do not have anything to offer others. Well, it may interest you to know that your zeal, efforts, achievements and words of knowledge is enough to make someone want to do something extra with their lives. Make an impact by freely dashing out your advice and time to people who are badly in need of it. On the other hand, you can also let the stories of others uplift and spur you on to face greater challenges which will eventually bring you success. 

Influence is all around us. We can find it from closest friends, the church or mosque, the park, watching television, listening to great people at conferences and TedX Talks, or even by listening to our own inner self. We must never downgrade the power of influence in our lives and in that of others. 

Share your inspiration on how someone or an event in your life has being of great influence to you in the comment box. I would love to hear your story. 

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  1. Dear, I salute you! I think you’ve spoken my mission in life and my story is one that I can’t write here because I’m where I am today because of the words of encouragement, the financial assistance and many other sacrifices people made for me. I intend giving back to society with the group “SMILE AFRIK” we are on Facebook and whatsapp you can as well Google Smile Afrik to read about how I’ve started it. God bless you!
    The quality of life is not about it’s longevity but how positively you’ve affected someone’s life.

  2. Great work Delado, glad you are making a change where you find yourself. The sky is your start point.

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