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GIJ Akwaaba Trip ’16 – More Fun Than Good

As is the custom of the SRC to organize get-away trips each year, students were in anticipation of the much awaited trip out of Accra to a place of excitement, relaxation and satisfaction. The said day was kick started with a pageant show dubbed ‘Miss Akwaaba’ which pulled off fairly well. Friday evening was a cool one which left no trace of the struggle that was ahead of “Akwaaba trip” travelers.
Let me begin by congratulating the SRC President and his executives for their effort in making the event happen, despite the many challenges that came up.
Buses trooped in to convey students away to the escape world. Tickets were checked as students hopped in one after the other, excited about the prospects of the whole fun experience on the other side of town. Nobody even suspected a heavy downpour until there were lashes of rainfall on our backs and faces as we impatiently battled our way into the buses which we obviously blocked from entry. To think that we could break protocol and be allowed direct and immediate entry into the bus, the organizers still insisted on checking tickets before entry into the bus amidst the heavy downpour. This was indeed a moment of survival of the fittest…
As we furiously yelled and screamed to be allowed into the bus, the rains dealt well with us, washing off the well polished makeup on most faces of the ladies, including myself. The battle was a tough one, and if you could not make it to the trip, here’s where you can have a good laugh at those of us who decided to go beyond all odds. With the exception of those who boarded the first bus, everyone was totally soaked to the bone, including the tickets they were demanding to check.
Fast forward, we got to Atimpoku safely(though I thought we were going to Akosombo, whatever  the difference is…)
Now where to sleep? I could have wished it was a camping where we would have pitched our tents and have a good sleep on our sleep bags, but no! We were to sleep in groups and in rooms with one bed. Now considering our numbers, you could have guessed how ‘sardinized’ we were in our rooms. Worst, or should I say best of it all, ladies had to share rooms with guys. This I must confess was so unpardonable. The rooms were so small and some had no ventilation systems to generate cool air for its inhabitants of about eight to fifteen people.
Food was perfect, but quantity was sad. The excuse we got was that the numbers which turned were outrageous and so there was the need to squeeze the food in order that everyone could be fed. Feeding with two slices of bread, five tiny slices of yam chips and two ladles of rice? How? Why? For what? These questions, I’m sure, are racing through your mind right now as you read. However those were the experiences we had to go through in the name of ‘adventure’. Meanwhile large quantity of food were seen hoarded for so-called executives and closer relations(boyfriends, course mates, siblings and what have you). In the end, a lot more people did not get fed and had to devise means of getting alternative source of food.
But for the ambience and lakeside view of the place, the venue was a poor choice of location by the Organising Secretary. We were promised many exciting activities on the trip, most of which did not materialise when we got there. Activities such as Beer pong, Dinner, Karaoke, Boat cruise, Clubbing which were earmarked did not take place, not even in dreamland. Students had to pay in order to enjoy the Boat ad Canoe ride on the lake Volta. The whole of Saturday was wasted on a pool party, ushering students into the funniest form of jams (which could have been a dinner party) during the evening. Big ups to the DJ though, he made us forget our woes as he rocked us to some well selected contemporary and back-to-back playlists. As for the romantic lovers and boyfriend switching and snatching, I don’t want to be the snitch-bitch. All I can say is that people really had fun in that respect. Was I a beneficiary to that? See me in chambers.
The trip was a really adventurous one. It was one that will definitely leave a lasting impression on all who went and even those who missed. The pool gave people pleasure while the aerobics and games served others some form of relief. Away from that, the whole scenario right from the rains, to the bus struggle, to food hunt in town, and to the skeletal activities which left a few of us wondering whether we were at a prayer camp cannot be overlooked. Also, the harsh treatment from some of the organizers during, room allocations, food sessions, and bus boarding are issues better left for another day. We really had a trip!
And the surprise package on the bus after having to endure a long lunch starvation and consequent bus struggle back to Accra… Ladies and gentlemen, we were served Africa Cola and some kind of dough that I prefer to call ‘pie’ for sanity sake. Well, for a brief moment, it served to ease the loud roars that were coming from my stomach. In all, I had fun because I had friends who bore the cross with me along the way. I won’t want to rubbish the whole event, however, I leave it to my fellow travelers and readers to judge.
Justica Anima

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  2. You've said it all,Stica. When you organize a trip like this,the least expected of you is value for money.I don't wanna be tagged a hater so I ain't talking much. Kudos for calling a spade a spade.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Evans.

  4. Hehehehe…in as much as the trip was nothing better to write home about, we need to be optimistic thus for me, I think we really enjoyed ourselves and that's the most important thing.

  5. "As for the romantic lovers and boyfriend switching and snatching, I don't want to be the snitch-bitch"
    That made me smile.

    I wasn't present for this trip so I can't say much. But thank you, this was really insightful. Now I know what went on.

  6. "As for the romantic lovers and boyfriend switching and snatching, I don't want to be the snitch-bitch"
    That made me smile.

    I wasn't present for this trip so I can't say much. But thank you, this was really insightful. Now I know what went on.

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