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“Keteke” Movie Producers Set To Release New Movie In 2018 

OldFilm Productions – the producers of ‘Keteke’, is pleased to bring to the notice of movie lovers and the general public, the commencement of production for its new movie, “SIDECHIC GANG”. With  your support, our debut film Keteke, which is currently showing on eight (8) international airlines; namely: KLM, Emirates, …

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Farmers Need More Accessible Road Networks

Farmers’ Day in Ghana is here with us again as this marks the 33rd celebration. I wish to congratulate all the awardees who will be honored. It is no small feat to tend crops and embark on fish hunting but they have over the years persistently fed a thousands through …

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About Ebony: Another Point of View. 

Some rules are meant to be broken…  We all have preferences and we all have a plan for how we want to live our lives. Some people just go ahead and live theirs. Indeed, I have watched her video clips and listened to all her tracks and I must say …

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