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Farmers Need More Accessible Road Networks

Farmers’ Day in Ghana is here with us again as this marks the 33rd celebration. I wish to congratulate all the awardees who will be honored. It is no small feat to tend crops and embark on fish hunting but they have over the years persistently fed a thousands through their efforts.
Farmers and fishermen are the backbone of our agricultural sector and they really deserve to be honoured. Their input and hard work is what feeds a whole nation as ours which is commendable. My household keeps a backyard garden and I must confess that fending for those few crops is no small feat. However, our farmers and fishers are doing extremely good with managing small and large scale farms. On this special day of theirs, I wish all farmers the best of luck with their produce. I will like to take the opportunity to plead for good and accessible roads on their behalf. That is one major challenge facing farmers in very remote areas. 

Most of their harvested food crops get rotten on their farms because there are no accessible roads leading to these farms. Government and stakeholders should see to it that most roads leading to most farming and fishing communities are good so as to help transport the crops to the market. This I believe will help enrich the farmers and also promote economic growth.

We are proud of your love for the agricultural sector. God bless you for your immense contributions in economic and national development. 
Farmers Day was instituted in 1985 by the Ghana government after the industries showed a 30 percent growth in 1984. This was a significant improvement over 1982 and 1983, years the country suffered a severe drought. The first Farmers Day was celebrated in Osino, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, where the drought was most severe.

Activities on Farmers Day include a National Farmers Forum with Award Winners expected to network with country leaders and experts. The subjects include technological advances in agriculture as well as suggestions for how the leaders of Ghana can help improve the industry.

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