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The year 2013 began with a lot of misconceptions and fear about the unlucky number 13. Though much went on, a lot seem unachieved. Various drama unfolded, lives gained and some lost, heads of states and leaders died and some assigned into power. Indeed, there were many events that were …

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Strike Actions In Ghana

                                    Today in Ghana, most government workers, I must say, are too money conscious. True, hardwork needs to be rewarded but in the case where workers expect huge rewards for every work they do, there will be clashes. Strikes are indeed one way by which workers, mostly in the government …

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LOW PERFORMANCE OF STUDENTS IN GHANA- The Role of Teachers and Authorities

                        In recent times, the academic performance of most students in Ghana after final examinations has been a cause to worry about. This problem arises due to various factors which have been put across board but are yet to be tackled. Different people have shared varied ideas concerning the above …

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