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Adu Amani – Ambition, Opportunities, and Taking Chances.

“I don’t have challenges because I see them as experiences and opportunities to learn from”, this seems to be the daily mantra of Vera Adu Amaning of Adu Amani Klodin. She is an outstanding woman entrepreneur doing great things with her talent, career and personality which I believe young people …

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Dear GIJ Guys, From Me To You.

Holla, Charlie how be? As school is about resuming, thought it wise to let you know a few things your girl(s) want to see a change in. School is where we all come to socialise and familiarise with one another, so I beg no hard feelings as I pour out …

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You Don’t Need Bigger Hips, Boobs or Muscles To Survive!

Often times,  I get so overwhelmed when young ladies and gentlemen try so hard to keep their bodies in shape without caring about their mental capacity. What’s the use of a beautiful body when you cannot make smart decisions for yourself? There’s only one sure way that I can approve …

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