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What If Your Dreams Never Come True?

Heck! Who dreads this question like I do? Well, sometimes you need to ask yourself the hard questions in order to get prepared when they come. I have gotten to the point in my life where nothing comes as a surprise to me because I know that sometimes you lose. …

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Youth in Tourism Conference 2018 Highlights

It was a bright Saturday which paved way for a smooth event at the plush Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra. There were dignitaries and beauty queens to grace the occasion. They include Miss Tourism World, Miss Tourism World Africa, Miss Tourism Nigeria, Zimbabwean Chairperson for the occasion, Lecturers from New …

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Travel Muse: From Akosombo To Takoradi

Green. Green. Green. That’s all that met my eyes on my journey to both locations. The journey was not something I had made my mind on but I knew I needed break from Accra. I had a limited amount of money too. Lesson 1: You can travel on a low …

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