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2013 set in somewhat as fast as you are trying to come. We all anticipated it, expecting big things and goals. When we rolled into that year, things began rolling as people worked tirelessly towards their goals. Everyone wanted to pluck the first fruits and of course the best ones. Let me share with you my outlook of the coming year.

I think 2014 is going to be good and bad depending on how one approaches it. For whatsoever reasons, it doesn’t come with a lot of fears as the previous year did. People seem rather positive and optimistic about it. Friends and families hope to get better relationships while enemies have resolved to stay best of allies.
Here are three things I expect to see in 2014, thus, in the 12 months of the coming year and in its 365 days:
Positive people. I wish that people around me will be more encouraging and positive towards what they think, say and do. I hate to see people who are naysayers. People who take pride in dampening other people’s spirits are actually not work being with. So to speak, in 2013, most people around me tried to shut down quite alot of my dreams. Others also ended their goals with their actions and speech. It baffles me how some people are just pessimistic about a whole lot of things. They just cannot believe in themselves not to think of others. I hope and pray that people will just stand up to the reality of life and try to tackle each situation with all positivity in this coming year.
Easy flow of money. Hey let’s face it, this year was not a financially sound one (well, atleast for me), so I hope the coming year will be better. People even perceived that the monetary state of the country had dropped making it difficult for money to be “pumped into the system”. As funny as it may sound, it was rather a difficult situation for most of us. We all know how money is an integral part of our lives. For that matter, may the New Year present us with more cash and opportunities that will redirect us to getting something into our pockets.
Dreams come true. Many goals have been set to be achieved this coming year. 2013 left most goals unattained and unfulfilled. I was quite lucky to have just one of mine achieved (not so good). People want to get married, others get admitted in schools and some to probably travel outside of the country to seek greener pastures elsewhere. Wherever you and I belong is for the coming year to grant us luck to get there. Best wishes that were sent out by well wishes during the Yuletide must come to pass. However it might need hardwork and diligence to get us there. For sure we will get there if we put our best to it.
To the New Year, I say welcome. May you be packed with all the experiences, lessons, opportunities, and memories. We will be expecting all the big surprises that you may come up with, and not forgetting those amazing goodies. Please get along friendly. Be kind and gentle. At each time when we get off track, alert us, counsel us and get us back on track. Bring us new relationships and stir up the greatness within us. Remember, you are even (number 14) so act even.

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  1. Happy new year to u too
    I hope all your dreams and goals for the year are achieved

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