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Confessions: Youngest And Oldest I Ever Dated

People have done things out of love, adventure, or out of sheer curiousity. Dating is one of them. The person you choose to date is either for the fun or for the serious business. While some say dating for fun is good, others think it is a waste of time. How, why, and for whatever reason people enter into a relationship is a mystery that they alone can uncover. So here’s some cofessions of two friends of mine who shared their love lives with me (not real names but real ages).

Karen 27:

He was sweet, caring and rich. He was all I wanted except for the age difference. He took me places where I never imagined going and got me the coolest apartment and my first car. I was 24 by then and had no clue what I had gotten myself into. I later found out he was married although he told me he was divorced but I kept seeing him. I travelled two countries because of him; Kenya and London. He was actually my sponsor. And all I offered him was nothing but a company of a young woman because his 62 year old self needed just that to feel young. I asked whether she never felt awkward walking around with him, she responded, “Not at all”. I always felt lucky around him since I got to meet a lot of high profile people because he was a very important personality. Ours lasted 2 years when I finally met my match who was only 3 years older than me as compared to my 40-years-difference sugar daddy.

Gina 35:

“Memories. Anima you are taking me way back to when I was in University”. He was in first year and I was in my final year. I had gotten my fresh breakup and had a few friends I could confide in. I just sat on a lover’s bench at the basketball court area of campus one night and was crying my heart out when he showed up from nowhere. He handed me a handkerchief and sat beside me. I did not know how I ended up in his room that night. Next morning, I woke up half naked in his bed with a lot of questions on my mind. He was not around so I dressed up and left a note. Anima, the guy was so cute. We never saw eachother again after that night until a month later. We started seeing each other during the vacation holidays. Interestingly, we never bothered asking eachother about our age since his tall height covered up for me. After school, I moved on. I got married two years after graduation and met him once at the mall. We sat over for drinks and started talking about the past. That was when I realised I was five years older. I do not regret it at all because he was the best out of all the guys I dated. A real gentleman in every sense of the word.


Love comes and goes. Some come to stay. Whichever is the case, stay true to yourself and never change for another person. Find love in all the places you can think of. Just remember to set a few standards and stick to them.

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