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About Green Arts Culture Project

Who are we?   Green Arts Culture is a social enterprise that trains young people in arts related to the Ghanaian culture. Thanks to  Ghana Think Foundation in partnership with Digital Opportunity Trust, In June this year, the project was launched to give way for a massive social impact.  Our Aim  The project …

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Floods in Accra: Talk Talk, No Show

Growing up in Accra was fun. I recall the days when children were excited about rainfall because we would get the chance to bath in the rains. After the rains, I was part of the squad who went out on a snail  hunting spree in search of some snails for …

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A Typical Wet Day In Ghana’s Capital City.

You know you are in Accra when clouds begin forming and winds start blowing with people running helter skelter, depicting signs of rainfall; unannounced rainfall mostly show up when everybody is busily going about their business. When last did you see the rains in Accra? It only happens consistently when …

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Will You Marry A Sex Worker?

Recently,  I watched a movie which got me wondering.  In the movie, a desperate guy wanted to get a wife. He combed through everywhere in search of the bone-of-his-bones but to no avail. In the end,  he decided to confide in his pastor and friend. He fasted and prayed according …

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Is Foreign Aid Good or Bad For Africa?: A Case Study of Economic Development of The Third World

According to Todaro(1992), Economic development is a multidimensional process involving the reorganization and reorientation of the entire economic and social systems. In addition to improvement in income and output; it typically involves radical changes in institutional, social, and administrative structures as well as in popular attitudes and in many cases …

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