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Capacity Building

The True  Essence of Volunteerism

I trust you are all good? I wanted to share with you, the essence of volunterism as I learnt at a Conference dubbed “Unconference”, a gathering of young social changemakers,  that I got the chance to attend in Rwanda.  Volunteering allows you to align yourself with someone, mostly a leader, …

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How To Wean Off Distractions and Stay Focused

According to www.entrepreneurs.com, people have dreams and they’re inspired to be better. But when it comes to working toward a goal, there’s always some distraction. They go ahead to point out some general distractions of today’s world and some focus builders that one can adopt to squash out these distractions.  Distractions. …

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5 Body Language Mistakes People Make At Interviews 

​You may have researched common interview questions and rehearsed answers, but could your body be undermining your confidence—and your chance at getting a job offer? Body language can have more of an impact on your success than anything you say. A classic study from UCLA says up to 55% of our communication …

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What Are You Thankful For? 

Being on a traumatic path is not something to joke about. You become a bit out of yourself and people begin to look at you strange. You lose interest in  some of the things that you previously loved. You practically lose sight of all the wonderful people and opportunities around …

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Monday Motivation To Start A Great Week

​This is the life we are given. And we just have one chance to make things right. Whatever field you seek to excel in, start from where you are sure to perform – the small stage. By the time the big door opens, you would have developed the competence, confidence …

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Here are top 6 six rules recommended by Michelle Obama for success: Keep moving forward: Never view your adversities as challenges, see them as platforms to success. Whatever happens while working your way to the top, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep moving through the pain towards success. …

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