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Building Sustainable Growth By Leveraging on Available Resources 

“Beginning from somewhere is the roadmap to arriving at a destination”-Justica Anima. 

It is very exciting and hopeful to see a lot of discussions and projects going on around the world with the idea of developing some lasting solutions  to social problems. It is even more interesting to know that these ideas are mostly initiated by young people who are bubbling up with alot of innovations. 

Solo Narh (a. k. a. Sollo7) is one of such young people who I only got to meet a few days ago at the Africa Dialogues maiden edition, a TedTalk inspired initiative by some great organizers mostly from Africa. Talking  to the audience about how he utilizes resources available  to him as an musician and entrepreneur, Sollo7 mentioned that he uses claps, mouth beats/sounds alongside normal sounds to make his music until he had enough money to buy the modern instruments which he now uses to make his music.  

We also hear stories of how people use recycled bottles to make very innovate products, as well as how some women from the nothern parts of Ghana use recycled sachet rubbers to make plastic baskets and what have you. The point is that, you can’t always rely on the funds and machineries to begin any huge project that you have in mind. Beginning from somewhere is the roadmap to arriving at a destination. 

So what am I driving at? Well, I just hope that when it comes to making an impact, most of us try to stretch our boundaries and expectations too high without looking at the possibilities that lie in the small starting. Starting lean can actually help you spur on to higher impact by opening your eyes to a few pointers from the grassroots. You are able to figure out certain root causes and real solutions to your problems.
Ghana has resources like beads, minerals, cocoa, land, strong manpower or human capital, forest and trees, and the likes, that we can levearage upon to cause development within the nation. The only problem is that we are always depending on the international organizations and stakeholders to help us start our own initiatives of which we know how to develop best. 

The time for us to start is now. We can start with the available resources and ideas that we have to be able  to scale up and grow our businesses and the nation as a whole. It all begins with taking initiative and not letting other distractions and limitations come in the way of the African dreams we dare not

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  1. kwabena Awuah Nti

    Am really inspired, we need to identify opportunities in order to grab it not to wait for opportunities to come on our way before we make a move .

  2. Thanks for reading and giving feedback Kwabena.

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