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‘Babies With Sharp Teeth’ Playing Political Drumrolls In Ghana Politics

Many things that we see around us are ruled by politics. Politics is therefore, like many other jurisdictions, a way of life. The way you treat politics is the way people give reverence to you or hide their faces around you. It is rather interesting how the youth are being coerced into the whole idea of politics when they do not fully understand what it really represents in their lives. For those who have a different meaning of politics, Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as the activities, actions, and policies that are used to gain and hold power in a government or to influence a government.

Like King Solomon, I have seen a thing under the sun whereby young people become cynical about happenings around them without allowing themselves to fully understand issues on the ground. The term babies with sharp teeth only describes rude and unprofessional young people who do the whims of their political masters at will or for personal gain. In our settings, it is very easy to see these kinds of people because they also aspire to be into politics one day. However, going by the meaning of this phrase, if unprofessionals are allowed to handle situations in governance, isn’t there a possibility of failure and chaos in our systems?

The underlying principle for all of this is unemployment. Young people do not find themselves in any gainfully employed industries or organizations and will therefore channel their frustration on the government at any given opportunity. This phenomenon leads to a direct or indirect fishing out of these young people by politicians for their political interests. Let me not delve deep in there, it is rather obvious what the consequences can be.

Another issue is identifying the real Ghanaian heroes and learning from them. In the developed states, most leaders in various sectors like politics have biographies of which you can read and learn from even if you never get the chance to meet them. Where are those narratives of our Ghanaian heroes? Who do these young people look up to and can really learn from? That could be a challenge and once we do not give space for the young ones to learn and grow, we can only hope for half-baked individuals who enter into politics feeling legitimized because power was handed over to them.

The dangers that lie in all of these is that a time may come for an uproar. These same young people being fed with the idea of causing trouble and mayhem may one day lead a war. They will be so filled with anger and hate that it will only be appropriate to spill blood to save their interest. Ghana is not immune to some of these things, as we have seen in many other nations how young people sparked disturbances in their own countries. I hope we do not get there.

I pray our leaders teach the youth values of nation building and citizen participation rather than having a sense of entitlement. They can be included in the decision making process through various initiatives that they manage or help to manage, and also through channeling their contributions and concerns at various forums. Looking around and seeing the kind of hate speeches spread among young people these days is very disturbing. The youth must understand that Rome is not built in a day. They must understand that upholding peace and security is a thing to cherish and not tear down. They must be made aware of the right ways of demanding what is due them and not behave as political warlords.

Let us not fan the flames of disunity with that sense of holding allegiance to political parties and their leaders when most of them already have the social security to secure themselves and their families in case of any disturbances. However, let us follow to learn and be nurtured into becoming great leaders of competence for the future of Ghana.

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