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Justica Anima

A Ghanaian woman inspired by the happenings around her. I can write about and sell anything including you. Journey with me if you appreciate brands and events.

Sex For Money- The Case of University Students

I have always wondered the reason why students in most of our prestigious institutions resort to selling themselves for money while in school. A number of reasons came up which are not justifiable anyway. As a female student, I must confess that keeping up and staying ahead of the competition …

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Tips For Staying Organised in 2017

The year has started with a boom. I am sure for most people, alot of activities have kickstarted for them already. As we all recognise the need for changes every new year, these new tips I discovered should help make your life more meaningful this year. These are not like …

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Making Your College Life Useful And Worthwhile 

If like me you hate clichés then the saying, “University days are the most useless days”, should not be one of your beliefs. There are many ways to get involved in college which can make your stay on campus worth living. All of us have the potential of making the …

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Ameyaw Debrah: The Celebrity Blogger

​   We all love his works and are awed by them. He is the household name for  blogging in Ghana at the moment.Many of us look forward to building a successful brand and blog as him. Here is a brief profile about his works, achievements and journey so far.  Real …

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Monday Motivation To Start A Great Week

​This is the life we are given. And we just have one chance to make things right. Whatever field you seek to excel in, start from where you are sure to perform – the small stage. By the time the big door opens, you would have developed the competence, confidence …

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Semester Chronicles 

​ By Kobby 29/08/16 After spending so many months at home, school finally resumed. We came to school with lots of issues from the vac. Justica Anima’s article addressing a letter to the guys … Nii Boi, well just being Nii Boi. I must say that the troops that had camped …

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