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Justica Anima

A Ghanaian woman inspired by the happenings around her. I can write about and sell anything including you. Journey with me if you appreciate brands and events.


Cliiiiiing…. Cliiiiiiiiiing, the alarm clocked sounded. It was morning, 9.40am to be precise. “OMG!”, Claudia yelled as she looked at the clock. She was going to be late for the day’s activities. She had asked her employer for a day off just to make this special day a memorable one. …

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Just recently, my mom called me to the kitchen and asked, “Anima, do you have friends atall? Apart from Efia, I hardly know most of your friends.” I smiled at this rather funny question and had a tangible reply for my mom, who seemed to be scared about the kind …

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2013 set in somewhat as fast as you are trying to come. We all anticipated it, expecting big things and goals. When we rolled into that year, things began rolling as people worked tirelessly towards their goals. Everyone wanted to pluck the first fruits and of course the best ones. …

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The year 2013 began with a lot of misconceptions and fear about the unlucky number 13. Though much went on, a lot seem unachieved. Various drama unfolded, lives gained and some lost, heads of states and leaders died and some assigned into power. Indeed, there were many events that were …

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Strike Actions In Ghana

                                    Today in Ghana, most government workers, I must say, are too money conscious. True, hardwork needs to be rewarded but in the case where workers expect huge rewards for every work they do, there will be clashes. Strikes are indeed one way by which workers, mostly in the government …

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Dedicated to Ghana my peaceful homeland: On the 6thof March 1957, Dr Kwame Nkrumah was very optimistic in the impending freedom and peace of this beloved nation when he declared,  ”At long last, the battle has ended! And thus, Ghana your beloved country is free forever.” What then can become …

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Lessons From The Butterfly

Who doesn’t know butterflies for their lovely appearance and delight to FLY? I for one do fancy butterflies a lot. I love their color, flight and the whole reason behind their existence……flowers. Come to think of it, have we for once stopped to think of the stuff these creatures are …

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