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Justica Anima

A Ghanaian woman inspired by the happenings around her. I can write about and sell anything including you. Journey with me if you appreciate brands and events.

Floods in Accra: Talk Talk, No Show

Growing up in Accra was fun. I recall the days when children were excited about rainfall because we would get the chance to bath in the rains. After the rains, I was part of the squad who went out on a snail  hunting spree in search of some snails for …

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A Typical Wet Day In Ghana’s Capital City.

You know you are in Accra when clouds begin forming and winds start blowing with people running helter skelter, depicting signs of rainfall; unannounced rainfall mostly show up when everybody is busily going about their business. When last did you see the rains in Accra? It only happens consistently when …

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10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Music

Music has many benefits and many music lovers will agree that it sparks a lot of energy and emotions within. Music addicts, musicians, and music producers around the world have certain amazing features in common. Their taste in various genres of music partly or wholely define their personality one way …

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Five Steps To Remain Relevant And Employed

By George Lorenzo We are in a world where machines are taking the place of employees because they are complacent. These steps should guide you and help you avoid loosing your job to a robot. The information below will help spur you up for greater achievements at the work place. …

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Why Today’s Youth Are More Confused

With the increase in technology and Internet usage, one may presume that today’s young people will be smarter than their predecessors. It is rather saddening that they are doing less with the more opportunities at their disposal. Young people today are missing key elements of learning and growth because they …

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