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Are Women the Weaker Sex?

The more women know about business, money and finance, the greater freedom they will enjoy and the more likely they will be to discover their own power.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki, International Bestseller of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

We often hear stories of women whose husbands left them for another. We also hear of women abuse in our societies, either physical or emotional. Most often, these women do not leave when these harsh conditions are meted out to them and so they are termed weak. Women have a weak physical outlook, are mostly soft-hearted, kind, and caring in nature. However, these qualities cannot be used to draw conclusions that women are weak.

Women contribution in world dominance cannot be overlooked. They play a key role in bringing humanity into existence through childbirth. Also, they act as good managers starting from the home. Women are also great with sales and marketing as they have tolerance and patience with every kind of customer they meet. They exude peace and promote profitability at the workplace.

Go to our schools today and analyse for yourselves. It is of no doubt that our girls are taking the top scores in the classroom. Girls exhibit diligence and smartness towards learning as compared to the boys. It is only saddening that along the line, these smart individuals are brainwashed with the idea that it is a man’s world. Due to this, women grow up thinking various sectors in the job market are men’s domain.

Going back to the olden days, women were those who began trade and business. When men went to hunt and farm, it was women who sold the proceeds in order to generate income for the family. As agriculture gradually made way for industrialisation, men adopted these skills of their women. It is not surprising that today men run businesses and politics to somehow the disadvantage of women.

In recent times, women are taking up managing businesses, attaining higher education, and running parliament and law firms alongside their male counterparts. In fact, they are doing so well in these areas. In view of this, celebrating women excellence should be encouraged in order to draw more of them into these areas. Women today are liberating themselves from the idea that they are the weaker ones, and that they cannot thrive in a man’s world.

Truth is, the battle of whether or not women are the weaker sex lies not in muscles or physical strength. Rather, it lies in mental power, emotional strength, and general wellbeing of both sexes in all aspects of life. Societies which blend both men and women’s strength are those that will thrive.

As we celebrate International Women’s day, I take the opportunity to salute all the strong women rubbing shoulders with men in every dispensation. More and more women must join forces to bring their ideas on the table. Perhaps, women taking up governmental roles will help curb the many problems that the world is facing today. Let us help build a strong force as women and never be stopped in our tracks while pursuing the higher calling on our lives. Let us free ourselves from depending on our men so much that we lose sight of the many strengths that lie within us.

Are women really the weaker sex? What is your take on women’s impact on society? How has a woman played key role in your development as an individual? Let’s get interactive on these questions wherever we find ourselves.

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